You’ve everything from the decor, to the look and wedding menu planned to perfection, but have you really considered the ceremony itself? Here are my top tips for planning your wedding ceremony

TOP TIP #1 – DO Get to Know Your Celebrant

Who? The person who will be writing your ceremony script, and standing there with you both in front of all your family and friends on your big day, leading you through the most emotional commitment of your lives.

It is so important that the celebrant you choose is the right person for you. Meet up and discuss all aspects of your ceremony over coffee. Stay in touch via phone, text, email, Skype – whatever works for you.

TOP TIP #2 – DO Inject Your Personalities into the Ceremony

Add a personal touch to everything, from telling your love story to writing your own vows and personalising symbolic rituals – these are all the main reasons for using a celebrant in the first place.

You want your ceremony to be all about the two of you. Sharing a loving cup? Doesn’t need to be wine. If the two of you have a fave cocktail or just love to spend time with a good cuppa, why not use that instead?

TOP TIP #3 – DO Hold a Rehearsal

A walk through from entrance to exit to choreograph your ceremony will make things run as smoothly as possible on the day. Try to have as many of the bridal party there as possible, so that everybody knows where to be, when to move, where to stand.

If it’s not possible to do this actually at the venue (because they’re booked up with weddings) then anywhere we can mock up a ceremony space will be fine.

Don’t forget to test out the bridal party entrance with the music too, to avoid everybody sprinting down the aisle. It’s a good idea to hold this as close to the actual ceremony time, so that you can get more of a feel for timings or, for outdoor weddings, the position of sun and shade.

TOP TIP #4 – DO Have a Plan B

Planning to hold your ceremony outside? So was I – in the middle of June 2012. Pretty safe, you’d think? But it rained and rained for a week beforehand and that beautiful riverside meadow was more of a swamp! So, into the barn we went and it really didn’t ruin our day.

Be realistic with your plans and come up with a contingency. Watch the weather forecast leading up to your big day and try not to leave it till the last minute to make that decision to move indoors, especially if it means furniture and decorations need to be moved or rethought.

TOP TIP #5 – DON’T Sweat the Small Stuff

Be prepared for some things to go wrong. But remember that it won’t be a big deal when they do.

Whatever happens, you’ll look back on it and laugh, so enjoy your day in spite of whatever didn’t go as planned.

And I hope my top tips for planning your wedding ceremony have helped.

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