Hi everyone. I’m Lynn, independent celebrant, for me, not a job – a passion.

I stumbled upon this fantastic career path while awaiting the birth of a granddaughter, whose mum knew that she wanted a ceremony to welcome this new life into our family but didn’t want to follow the religious church christening model. And we found naming ceremonies, created by independent celebrants as an option. And when I found out about the opportunity to create wedding ceremonies, too – well, I was sold!

And Mia’s Naming Ceremony was my first ever ceremony.

Since my training in 2015, I have had the privilege of creating ceremonies as diverse as the day is long – from high-end stately homes to relaxed, laid back ceremonies at a couple’s home. Each and every one is given the same treatment from me – tailored to fit your requirements, written from scratch to encapsulate your very ideals and personalities, thoughts and words.

What’s the best bit about being a celebrant

My answer has to be that very first meeting with an excited couple, the prospect of being able to work with you at one of the best times in your lives, starting to get to know you, the time when I can show you how special your ceremony can be made by adding elements that will mean so much to you, reflecting so well your personalities, interests and beliefs. Yes, I’m a people person.

The excitement from this meeting carries us all through the next few days, weeks and months as more and more ideas come to mind, some will be included, others discarded. Yes, I can get quite carried away at this stage! But then I rein myself in to write a beautiful ceremony that reflects you so perfectly, a ceremony that your family and friends will remember as definitely standing out from ‘the standard’.

You don’t need to ask – all are welcome here

I believe in three simple words: love is love.

I believe in a world in which diversity and love should be celebrated, a world where couples and families come in all different forms.

I believe there is no greater gift than celebrating and living as your authentic self.

I believe that new rituals and traditions can be merged with the old to create a ceremony that is all about you.

I value conversations about overcoming adversity and can’t wait to hear your story!

All are welcome here

When I’m not working on creating unique ceremonies…

I am never happier than sitting with a crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles in my hand or with my foot on a sewing machine pedal. A practical outlet for my creativity, just as ceremony writing is my cerebral outlet. I guess that’s why I get such a thrill out of finding those little handmade elements at weddings (and snapping a quick photo of them) and am always amazed at what people produce to make their whole day really personal and unique. And I guess that’s why they’ve chosen me in the first place, for the personal, unique and creative touch I can bring to their day.


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Because there’s more to your ceremony than saying “I do”