“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.”

 John C.Crosby

Mentoring for Celebrants


Do you need somebody to talk to about the challenges you are facing?

Do you want to take the next steps but not sure how?

Do you find yourself worrying that you’re not doing as well as others?

Are you looking for a different way of working?




When I discovered this awesome role as a Family Celebrant, I couldn’t really believe that such a perfect job  even existed.

Really?  I get to work with people at some of the happiest points of their lives?

Weddings, revisiting long held commitments to the love of their life?

Wow, where do I sign up?

I’m sure you felt exactly the same when you made that decision to start your celebrant business.



Even so, there are times when you are going to feel



I can absolutely help with this.

I can use a Spotlight Session to help you prioritise that mountain of tasks, giving you the clarity you are searching for.


Confidence has dipped

I can certainly help with this.

A Spotlight Session could be just the thing to pick you back up or maybe some longer term Beacon mentoring if you need more of a boost.



I can definitely help with this.

In a Spotlight Session we could look at ways to spark that flame of creativity back into life and come up with ideas for you to use again and again if necessary.



I can totally help with this.

Through Beacon Mentoring, I would be your work wife, your colleague, your sounding board.  Because it can be a lonely job – remember, I know exactly how you’re feeling. There are ways to make you less isolated and we will explore those together.

Starting out

I can absolutely help with that.

The excitement of that first booking can wear away and leave a mild terror.  Through the Light Your Way package I can steer you through your first ceremonies, giving you the confidence to shine brightly in the celebrant world.


In a rut

I can really help with that.

A Spotlight Session could be exactly what you need to examine the way you work and explore new ideas to bring you back the joy and satisfaction you are missing.


As if you have lost your way

I can genuinely help with that.

A Spotlight Session could be what you need to clear the obstacles in your path, allowing you to regain your direction. If you feel you have reached a crossroads and are looking at new directions then we can navigate that together with the Beacon Mentoring package. The way ahead will be clear.


Not as good as the next celebrant (we’ll call this comparisonitis)

I can honestly help with that.

Let’s put this imposter to bed. With a Spotlight Session, we can find ways to shut out the noise of comparisonitis, to boost your own flame, recognise your own awesomeness, set your own benchmarks.



Finding the right mentor can be your lifebelt in the sea of doubt, your aid to getting your head back up above the waters and supporting you until you are swimming freely once again.

Choose your mentoring package

Spotlight Sessions

1 hour £60
2 hours £100



These sessions are designed to tackle one specific task, one specific challenge.

If you are just starting out on your journey or if you’ve simply lost your way I can support you with


Building Confidence

Prioritising tasks

Scheduling workloads

Boundary setting

Recharging your business batteries

Finding your worth

Lighting Your Way

1 ceremony £100
2 ceremonies £180
3 ceremonies £250


This package is designed for those just starting out in their celebrant journey and gives 2 hours support per ceremony.

That first enquiry arrives and you ask yourself “Can I actually do this?”

I can support you through your first ceremony with


Building confidence

Script Advice

Preparing for the day

Walking through the ceremony process

Following up for an awesome review


Beacon Mentoring

1 month £200 (2 x 2hr)
2 months £400 (4 x 2hr + 1hr review)
3 months £600 (6 x 2hr + 1hr review)


You may feel that you would benefit from longer term mentoring.

You are ready to make bigger changes in your business and you’d like the support, encouragement and accountability (yes, I can do that, too!) of a mentor.

Somebody to guide you as you grow your flourishing business.

Building confidence
Building a working relationship
Setting new directions
Support with growing your business
Working through new projects
Goal setting

Holding you accountable

Flashlight Support

£20 per month
(minimum 3 months)



Following on from both the “Lighting Your Way” and the “Beacon Mentoring” packages there is the option of signing up for ongoing email support.

This support will be led by you – The Celebrant Ear on the end of an email when you need it.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself”


Oprah Winfrey