You’ve had the proposal…You’ve said “Yes!”

And now the planning starts.

An entirely unique ceremony

When planning your big day, the first question to consider is where do we want to hold our ceremony? 

  •     Do we want a church wedding? 
  •     Or a quick registry office function?

If the answer is “No!” then you are in the right place.


Working with me as your independent celebrant, gives you 

the freedom to hold your ceremony anywhere you choose. 

At home, in a forest, on a farm or in a manor house.

Wherever you can imagine the ceremony of your dreams.


What’s next?

 As a couple, what kind of ceremony do you want?

  •      Will it be a strictly religious ceremony? 
  •     Will it be strictly secular, with absolutely  no religious content at all?
  •     Will it be a standard ceremony, written by a local government department with very limited room for adding personal touches? 


 Again, if the answer is “No!” then you are still in the right place.


Working with me as your independent celebrant, means you are in control of your ceremony.

Choose your own readings, music, vows, symbolic rituals, to all be seamlessly combined into a truly unique ceremony.


Your deeply personal and unforgettable ceremony.

 Be it traditional or quirky, romantic or humorous, emotional or fun filled, or all of the above! 

 You can create the perfect balance that truly represents you as a couple. 


I have the experience and knowledge to offer you advice on all elements of your ceremony and work alongside you to make it happen. 

 On top of all that, I have a genuine passion for what I do and a desire to make your ceremony an absolutely perfect and momentous occasion. 

Because there’s more to a ceremony than saying “I do”

Back home weddings

For couples who are living and working abroad, a wedding back home in the UK may sound like a nightmare to organise.

But it definitely is not!! I have been fortunate enough to lead ceremonies, here in The Cotswolds, for couples from Vancouver and Dubai, Sydney and Los Angeles, to name a few.

In many countries, there is a simple system of carrying out the legal aspects of the marriage and you’d need to make enquiries about this for your circumstances. This link could be a good starting point, though. 

With the legals sorted, we could then work together to create a fantastic ceremony for you to celebrate with your family and friends back home in the UK – your real “I do” day.

We would work to the same process as any other couple, still giving a personal service, except our meetings would be held via Skype and we might not meet in person until the rehearsal, the day before your ceremony.

The Process and the Fees

Initial meeting

I will have a meeting with you (typically lasting about an hour) to explain the process of using a celebrant, a chance for you to ask any initial questions. Following this meeting, you will hopefully complete my booking form.

Team Wedding

From this point and throughout the process I am on Team Wedding, available by phone or email to answer any questions you might have.

Planning Session

I will have a meeting with you (typically lasting about 2 hours) some months prior to the wedding we will meet to plan in detail the elements to include in your ceremony. We will talk a lot about your story to this point and, prior to this I will have sent you a questionnaire to complete. This is where I gather the information to create your ceremony.

Research, Design and Create

I will spend my time researching your choices, helping you to write vows, creating your ceremony script before sending it off to you for approval

Review and Amend

I will make any changes you require to the prepared script before agreeing a final version

Rehearsal and Choreography

Where possible, I will attend the venue for a ‘rehearsal’ where we can choreograph movement and positions of all main participants

The Big Day

I will arrive at your venue in good time to check the ceremony area, making contact with other suppliers (photographer, musicians, etc) and to conduct your bespoke wedding ceremony

Commemorative Certificate

I will provide a ‘certificate’ for signing during your ceremony if required (a great photo opportunity!)

Keepsake Script

I will provide a presentation copy of your wedding script, tied, wrapped and boxed for you to treasure

My fee for all of this is just £800.

Get in touch today

and we can start to create your made-to-measure ceremony.


Because there’s more to your ceremony than saying “I do”