Legally married but feeling like you missed out on a wedding?


Covid Wedding

The current Covid-19 situation has meant that so many couples have been forced to get legally wed under various coronavirus restrictions.

If you’re one of these couples, you probably feel like you missed out sharing your wedding celebration with your dearest friends and family.

If you have been legally married since March 2020 and are looking for a simple “sequel” wedding in September, October or November 2021, then get in touch.

Sweet and Simple. Still personal, still delivered with care, still about you. Just simple

Maybe you grabbed the chance to get legally married during the coronavirus restrictions?
Maybe you went ahead with your Covid-19 wedding even though your numbers were severely restricted?
Maybe you intend to celebrate a “sequel” wedding later with all your family and friends around you?
Maybe you want more than just a party? You want them all to witness your wedding?
But the stumbling block for you might be the thought of even more expense? 
So, I’ve put together my Sweet and Simple Wedding Package.
The Sweet and Simple Package is still a wedding ceremony.
The Sweet and Simple Wedding Package still has some personalisation.
The Sweet and Simple Package is still about you.
The Sweet and Simple Wedding Package is still prepared and delivered with tenderness and emotion.
The Sweet and Simple Wedding Package offers the same quality, just simpler.

At around half my normal fee, the Sweet and Simple Wedding can be booked for “sequel” weddings in September, October and November only this year.

Because there’s more to a ceremony than repeating the contractual words and signing a register

Sweet and Simple Wedding Package – £500

I will use my pre-written sweet and simple wedding ceremony script.

We will have a video meeting to chat about making the script personal to you. This could include choosing readings, selecting vows, adding a little of your story

I will make those changes for you.

I will come along to your “sequel” wedding and deliver the ceremony.

Get in touch today

and we can start to create your Sweet and Simple ceremony.


Because there’s more to your ceremony than signing a register

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