Rice, sweets, coloured paper hearts?

What’s your confetti style?

One of the favourite photos amongst photographers, couples and guests must surely be the confetti shower. Usually, just after the ceremony, the guests all gathered around, hands full of confetti and a “One, two, three …. Throw!”

A quick snap of the colours swirling, laughing faces, confetti found in all sorts of places for days, if not weeks afterwards.

But, have you ever wondered why? Where did the tradition begin? What’s the best type of confetti? What does it symbolise?

Well, I did a bit of research to find out the answers to these questions before a recent trip to The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company’s confetti fields at Wyke Manor, Pershore, Worcestershire – about an hour’s drive across the Cotswolds.

The word confetti comes from Italy and means “a little sweet”. Traditionally, the family of an Italian bride would provide wedding guests with sugared almonds to shower the bride and groom with as they left the church.

Even today, they make up trays of these little sweets for the guests to help themselves to for the confetti throw – white ones for the wedding, blue and pink for the family that they hope will be bestowed on the family, silver and gold to wish them a long marriage, their Silver and Golden anniversaries, along with small coins to symbolise wealth and prosperity and grains of rice, symbolic of fertility and abundance.

The grains of rice are actually the predecessor to confetti and were always used in the dark and dismal past. Some cultures, still use rice today to shower their happy couples, often dyed in a multitude of colours.

But back to the confetti and those hard little pebble-like sweets. It was the French who decided that this was a bit harsh – nobody wants to be injured on their wedding day with a sugared almond in the eye! – and so they began the production of the paper confetti more familiar today.

Nowadays, however, many venues will only allow bio-degradable confetti to be used on their sites and so the real flower petal confetti is the most popular type to be found in baskets or cones for guests to use at the end of a ceremony.

And that takes me back to the flower fields. Acres and acres of multicoloured delphinium and cornflowers and probably other species that this celebrant couldn’t recognise. And the petals are carefully handpicked (yes, handpicked) at just the right time, dried out and packed up for couples to order for their big day.

And what a stunning sight it makes!

To make your ceremony even more unique, though, maybe you’d like to move away from the idea of confetti altogether?

Having a village fete themed wedding – what about giving each guest a ribbon wand to wave as you leave the ceremony?

Is your theme more ethereal? Everybody blowing bubbles makes for a fantastic shot and they can blow their good wishes to you at the same time.

A nighttime wedding? Has to be sparklers.

A travel theme? What about getting guests to make coloured paper aeroplanes to fly over you?

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Let’s chat about making your confetti shot as unique as the rest of your celebrant led ceremony.