There’s more to a ceremony than saying “I do”

Ready to say "I do" again?

How will you celebrate a new family member?

As you look forward to one of life’s most magical milestones,

now is the time to plan a truly personal and unique ceremony.

Do you want a more intimate and bespoke ceremony?

Being part of the conveyor belt ceremony system doesn’t appeal?


 Are you searching for a celebrant who makes the entire day, all about you?

Fitting into somebody else’s diary for your big day doesn’t excite?


Would you like to choose what’s said and where on your special day?  

Following strict rules about what you can and can’t say just isn’t you?



Then an independent celebrant is the perfect choice

to create and conduct your special day.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, vow renewal

naming ceremony, or any unique occasion

you no longer have to settle for a “one size fits all” ceremony.


I work with you.


By getting to know you and your story, 

sharing your memories and listening to your dreams.

Your dream ceremony

Wedding Ceremonies

Your wedding ceremony should be a celebration of love. Of the love you have shared from your first kiss, the love you share on your “I do” day and the love you will carry with you into your future lives together. Let me tell the story of your love adventure as it enters a brand new chapter.

Renewal of Vows

Marriage is about falling in love with each other again and again.. Let me help you take the time to step back and celebrate your love, reliving the commitment you made to each other on your “I do” day, as you prepare to step forward into further adventures with your love still by your side.


I believe in three simple words: love is love.

I believe in a world in which diversity and love should be celebrated, a world where couples and families come in all different forms.

I believe there is no greater gift than celebrating and living as your authentic self.

I believe that new rituals and traditions can be merged with the old to create a ceremony that is all about you.

I value conversations about overcoming adversity and can’t wait to hear your story!

All are welcome here

Memories that last a lifetime

Get in touch today

and we can start to create your made-to-measure ceremony.


Because there’s more to your ceremony than saying “I do”