Naming Ceremonies

The arrival of a child into a family is truly life changing - for parents, siblings, family and friends.

Many new parents wish to celebrate this important event by gathering together family and friends to welcome their child into the world. And yet a wholly religious service is not what they want.

An individually created naming ceremony, led by an independent celebrant, gives families a unique opportunity to share the joys and the responsibilities that the arrival of a new child brings. The ceremony is personal and relaxed and, often being held at the start of a celebratory party, can give a focused sense of purpose to the gathering.

Naming ceremonies can be adapted to use at a number of different times, not just following the birth of the child. They might take place for siblings together, or to mark a child's first birthday.

These ceremonies can also be created to mark the blending of two families into one step family or to welcome adopted children into their adoptive families.